Enterprise Values

Fascination for Surfaces

In our markets, EICKELIT is perceived as a business of enthusiastic surface purists. We see our enterprise as a quality leader and set standards in technology, quality and support of professional polishing tools. To make our passion truly visible, EICKELIT is constantly working to develop its unique solutions and technologies.


In 1927 H. E. Eickelmann founded his enterprise for the manufacturing of polishing wheels at the textile location Bielefeld. In the emerging market of rotary polishing tools, the start-up company quickly grew into one of the leading suppliers with  recycled cotton polishing discs under its "EIKELIT" brand. With great innovative power and the brands EFFEKTA, REX and KONSTANT, EICKELIT has shaped the development of polishing technology throughout the industry.

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Since the early days the world has changed technologically and socially. But at EICKELIT, the founders' basic ideas have withstood the tests of the times and thus connect generations of surface enthusiasts. Because for us, surface means more than just gloss - we perceive it as a very conscious, lived experience. Like any kind of art.

Hand Made in Germany

Made in Germany is not something you just boast about. Our developers would never promise anything they are unwilling to deliver - and that's actually the most important thing about our employees. The unbroken trend towards high-quality, handmade products requires individualization at the highest level from all those involved. Our contribution is to continue manufacturing the required high-performance products in Germany with uncompromising attention to detail.

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The EICKELIT solution competence is based on profound scientific and application know-how. EICKELIT offers its customers a finely adjustable product portfolio for all relevant technologies and industries. As a result of our solution system, EICKELIT provides the optimum processes for the highest demands on material, process stability and productivity in the shortest possible time.


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