Polishing Wheels

Tailored tools for your applications

Cotton Buffs

Allround Polishing

Polishing buffs made of multiple cotton fabric layers are universal polishing wheels for non-ferrous metals and stainless steel. Our large material range allows us to easily adjust these buffs as required.


High-End Effectiveness

Effekta Polishing Wheels are pleated, high-performance tools with its plissee placed in mirror-image layers. Due to its stochastic material distribution, EFFEKTA delivers particularly uniform surfaces.


Equalizing Finish

Konstant is our ventilating all-round polishing disc. In particular, it is used for the automated high-gloss polishing of steel and non-ferrous metals and has many customization options.


Powerful Ventilation

REX polishing wheels allow a particularly high pressure. Combined with their strong cooling effect, REX are ideal for efficiently equalizing grinding marks on stainless steel subsequent to pre-polishing.

Sisal Fabric

Agressive Attack

Sisal fabric is used pure or covered with cotton fabric for sanding or pre-polishing of all metal surfaces. Typically, sisal tools are used along with coarse grinding or pre-polishing pastes.

Sisal Cord

Flexible Efficiency

Sisal cord brushes enable, in particular, the rough pre-polishing of workpieces with complex geometry. Often, the Sisal cord brush is impregnated and used in conjunction with coarse or extra-tough polishing paste.


Surface Design

Polishing wheels made of abrasive fleece give metallic workpieces a high quality and characteristic structural design. Our range includes a wide variety of aluminum oxide or silicon carbide wheels.

"Tampico" Fiber

Effect Structure

"Tampico" fiber brushes are commonly used with coarse paste. When polishing aluminum, steel or stainless steel, the brush perfectly adapts to the shapes and creates a "satin" finish.


Small Powerhouses


EICKELIT Effekta Schaftwerkzeug aus Molton


We supply a comprehensive range of grinding and polishing tools with mandrels for drills. If required, we manufacture all our trimming materials and constructions as shank tools in intermediate lot sizes.


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